The perks of buying good quality data


Buying Database from suspicious sources may impact negatively the quality of your services and IP reputation. Not knowing the origin of the data in most cases means illegal data collection, inexistence of opt-ins, e-mail harvesting and in many cases, inexistent e-mails.  Continuous bounced messages and pissed off users will most definitely contribute to harm your domain, your company's name and IPs, resulting in blacklistings and massive loss in deliverability.

As tricks for falsifying data become every day more sophisticated, lead generation companies must invest consistently in validation processes.  In Brazil, its complex postal and telephone structures allow locally based companies to sort out most fake data.  The increased demand for processed data between 2011 and 2013 shows that validated information slowly becomes the only option for many direct marketing companies.

It is important to notice that between 30% and 40% of the fake data aren't intentionally falsified. In those cases, deep knowledge of user behavior, local postal and phone structures allow the development of powerful algorithms to prevent deleting good data. The remaining 60% are composed either from data generated by robots trying to profit from frauding the lead generation companies or yet real users who aren't interested in being contacted.

Choosing the right company can be decisive for the success of your business. Legally generated leads will guarantee your competitors can't harm you. Validated leads will guarantee your e-mails get delivered and /or your call center agents are highly motivated because they reach the customers. Leads generated locally will guarantee that you'll always hit the target.  Good quality leads will prevent you from wasting time and money.

eGENTIC offers to its clients highly qualified database, collected in real time through  online sweepstakes, that allows a better communication between the client and the users.  eGENTIC's data is legally compliant, recent, opt-in, segmented and massive.